Friday, October 15, 2010 - Connecting travelers to the islands and islanders to each other is the latest among the most promising social networking sites on the internet. In times such as these, when social interaction is rampant online, social networking sites are providing its users with the features and opportunities that were unimaginable before, and that are connecting people beyond borders. is one of such social networking sites that is interactive and unique in approach. It aims to connect travelers to the islands worldwide, and inform them about everything related to the islands. Whether it is Island events, Island restaurants or Island destinations, this site has good information that will assist the travelers in planning their next trip to the islands. On the other hand, it also focuses on bringing together Islanders from all over the world through its various tools and features, resulting in island social networking.
“Internet is largely available to people, even in remote places. There are many social networking sites on the web, but none is dedicated for island social networking”, says Mario McKenzie, founder of “With, our goal is to bring the island communities and people related to islands, either by birth or family, closer and give them an opportunity to connect with each other, share videos, post events and know about the upcoming events. It will be a convenient way to remain updated and linked”, he further added.
Members can sign up for free to invite friends and connect with them through several features of the social utility. They can share blogs, post upcoming events, share videos, photos, updates and other media content, create groups and polls, and do online chat. Not only this, but allows users to find island festivals, carnivals, parties and other similar Island events, making it an informative island social networking site.
Even for travelers, provides exciting aspects that they will find useful, unlike other social networking sites. It has an Island destinations directory, which can assist the travelers in planning their trip to islands world over. They can get reviews on island resorts, find best deals, get information about hot spots, and guides to several Island destinations. Similarly, the Island restaurants directory can help travelers know where to find best hotels and restaurants, and can even get reviews on local island cuisines.
“In order to facilitate the travelers in finding perfect Island destinations and Island restaurants that serve the best local cuisine, has a resourceful Island and Restaurant Directory that consists a wide range of reviews and information, giving us an edge over other social networking sites”, said McKenzie.
The site also allows users to inform their friends and networks about Island events via post events option, as well as, through private messages or by instant chat.  
Currently, a beta version of the site is available for users to connect and find Island events. The directory is soon to be added, with more Island destinations and Island restaurants that will further add to the experience of users. For its launch, is also offering amazing gifts and prizes to its members, upon signing up.
With its distinctive idea and useful features, will surely connect travelers to the islands worldwide, and islanders to each other. It is a welcoming addition to the existing social networking sites that aim to bridge the communication gap between people, and encourage island social networking.